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Two Enneagram & Meditation retreats are scheduled for 2008: details here

Santikaro is active in the Narrative Tradition of Enneagram work exemplified by Helen Palmer & David Daniels. While primarily a student and teacher of Early Buddhism and its meditation practices, Santikaro has trained with Helen Palmer & David Daniels, eventually certifying in their Enneagram Professional Training Program. He has been the primary Enneagram teacher in Thailand, where he integrated its study with Buddhist practice, leading to the growth of a dynamic and diverse network of Enneagram studies there. Since moving to Oak Park, IL in Spring 2004, Santikaro has brought his approach to the Enneagram to the work of Liberation Park & will offer Enneagram workshops in the area.

Santikaro's focus is the application of Enneagram perspectives and insights to Dhamma practice and meditation. In the Chicago area he is cooperating with Merri Monks of Chicago Enneagram Connections to explore the spiritual application of the Enneagram, especially in relation to the teachings of Early Buddhism and meditation practice.

Santikaro is leading Enneagram & Meditation retreats in the USA and Thailand. A schedule of upcoming retreats can be found here.

Santikaro is also available for Enneagram typing interviews and consultations concerning meditation and Enneagram. Contact Santikaro to make an appointment.

He also guides a number of Enneagram teachers and students in Thailand who also follow the Narrative tradition.

Enneagram Audio

Enneagram of the Passions Part 1 (4.33 mb)

Enneagram of the Passions Part 2 (4.23 mb)