Correcting Early Obstacles

Various difficulties arise in the early stages of meditation practice -- even for longterm meditators -- that can undermine the effectiveness of whatever practice we do. Combinations of physical, mental, emotional, and motivational issues can be dealt with both in pre-med preparation and in the early part of each sitting. Here we list some of the main obstacles and difficulties with links to useful ways to deal with them.

Before sitting begins

Body isn't ready: stiff, tired, sluggish, excited ... try Y'ii jing jing

Cluttered nasal passages ... try Neti pot

Mind is still on other things

Unclear motivation

Weak or limited understanding about the path

Once you are on the cushion

Poor posture ... consider these posture check points

Unhealthy breathing patterns

Wandering thoughts .. consult the Vitakkasanthana Sutta (MN 20)

Hindering moods pester

... to be continued ...