9 Joints

for opening up the joints & limbering body

Rotate each of these joints nine times in each direction (clockwise & counterclockwise).

Rotate comfortably and not too fast. Don't strain or force anything.

Be attentive to your posture as you warm up.

Focus attention in the joint that's being rotated. Center attention on that joint but allow whole body awareness.

  1. Ankles: Rotate one foot around its ankle nine times in each direction; then the other foot.
  2. a. Knees 1: With feet together (almost touching) and palms on kneecaps, rotate the knees in circles. Bend the knees as much as is comfortable
    b. Knees 2:With feet together and palms still on kneecaps, bend the knees forward, separate and spread them outward, and bring them together as they straighten. Then reverse the movement.
  3. Hips:Raise one knee, rotate it outward, then down. As much as possible, do this in graceful circles. Reverse the movement. Repeat for other leg.
  4. Waist: Hands on hips. Rotate the midsection as widely as is comfortable nine times each direction. As much as possible, the head remains in the same place.
  5. Shoulders: Roll the shoulders up, back, down, and forward. Then reverse. All lifting is done by shoulders, not arms.
  6. Wrists: With arms extended forward, parallel to floor, and thumbs at right angles to fingers, rotate hands around the wrists, first one direction then the other. Do not lock the elbows.
  7. Fingers & knuckles: Clench the fists quickly & tightly nine times. Fling the fingers open nine times.
  8. Neck: Nine head rolls in each direction. Make sure shoulders are relaxed. Focus in middle of neck.
  9. Eye sockets: With face stationary, gently rotate the eyeballs nine times each direction. Do not stare or strain.

Now you may want to try Yii jing jing or sit for meditation.

If time is short, perform each movement for a lesser number of rotations. The rotations can be increased, if that feels healthy.