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August 2006

New Rural Dhamma Refuge

On August 16th, thanks to the contributions provided by many of you over the years, Liberation Park purchased a beautiful forty acre property in rural southwest Wisconsin, to serve as a Dhamma refuge for sincere practitioners. We hope to see you there in the coming years for some precious time of study and practice in the tradition of the early Buddhist teachings (images).

The land is partly forested, partly meadow and stream, and is situated in a green valley one mile to the northwest of Norwalk, Wisconsin. The surrounding community is mainly agricultural, with an herb farm to the north, a small horse farm to the south, and strong Amish communities nearby. We have met most of the neighbors and so far they are encouraging and accepting of plans for a Dhamma refuge in their midst.

As Ajahn Buddhadasa did 75 years ago, we seek shelter in a simple, natural environment in which to study and practice the early teachings of BuddhaDhamma in a dedicated manner. We invite other sincere practitioners to join us as they are inspired and able.

Future Plans

On October 1st we will be setting up house temporarily in a small apartment in the village of Norwalk. From this nearby base we’ll begin work on the land and develop basic infrastructure such as well, septic, and power, for the future community building, as well as a small cabin or two for retreat use in the more immediate future.

With respect for the natural environment, and an awareness of the impermanence of all sankharas, planned facilities and retreat shelters will be simple and rustic, with the smallest ecological footprint possible. We will be seeking your advice and expertise as we go about this process in the coming months and years. Building will proceed as funds and labor are available, and we invite your assistance and participation. Use of the land for study and practice is available for serious practitioners even in these early stages, though you must bring your own tent! Please join us in offering well wishes for a haven of Dhamma practice in the tradition of the early suttas and with the inspiration of Ajahn Buddhadasa as our guide.

Photos and details are available on the website. More will be added regularly.

Ajahn Buddhadasa’s Centennial Year

During the centennial anniversary of Ajahn Buddhadasa’s birth, there have been several commemorations around the country. For those of you on the west coast, Sati Center in Santa Cruz will be hosting a day long workshop on October 14th on the life and work of Ajahn Buddhadasa, taught by Santikaro. The workshop will take place in Redwood City, California. Details can be found at

Please also watch for upcoming articles by Santikaro in the fall issues of Inquiring Mind and Tricycle, in honor of Ajahn Buddhadasa. A three part series was recently completed in Turning Wheel, the journal of the Buddhist Peace Fellowship as well.

Good Bye to Oak Park

Those on the Events mailing list are aware that activities in Oak Park are winding down over the next six weeks. Please see the monthly calendar for details.

Santikaro will be returning to Chicago regularly for ongoing Dhamma activities: sutta study, Insight Chicago evenings, Enneagram and other workshops.

We’ve had a fruitful two and one half years in Oak Park, and begun many good friendships which we hope will continue both here and in Wisconsin. We’re grateful for your support, and for the practice and study of those who have spent time with us here. We send many well wishes for your continued practice and hope to see you soon.

In Dhamma,

Santikaro & Jo Marie

Liberation Park

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