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What to Bring & Not Bring

You are responsible for supplying

  1. Your own food.
  2. Sheet, pillow case, & towel.
  3. A sleeping bag. Blankets if weather requires.
  4. Personal toiletries, including insect repellent (non-toxic/non-insecticide recommended). All soaps and shampoos must be non-detergent based as they go directly into the ground water (castille, olive oil, or other natural products are acceptable.)
  5. Outdoor clothing appropriate for the season.
  6. Rugged shoes and rain gear.
  7. Flashlight, batteries, and alarm clock if needed.
  8. Water bottle

Please do not bring

  1. Drugs, alcohol, or tobacco products
  2. Companion animals (unless special arrangements are made - under certain special circumstances dogs, horses, or other companion animals may accompany their human on retreat)
  3. Radios.
  4. Computers, ipads, and the like.