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Awakening with Healthy Breathing & Inquisitive Awareness

La Crosse Day of Mindfulness with Santikaro

++ nothing is currently scheduled in 2016 ++

... Santikaro is leading day-longs in other towns ...

a Fall Introduction to Meditation Class is in planning

A day of alternating Sitting & Walking Meditation practice in Noble Silence

with Guided Meditation, Instruction & Reflections.

Franciscan Spirituality Center

920 Market Street, La Crosse, WI

San Damiano Room

Registration:  There is a $10 registration fee to cover room rental & other expenses. Please send your name, address, telephone #, e-mail address, and $10 to:

Liberation Park, PO Box 205, Norwalk, WI 54648.
Email with questions.
Register sooner rather than later (as a kindness to organizers).

All donations or dana will go to Liberation Park, a 501(c)3 non-profit (all gifts are tax deductible) that is primarily supported by such donations. We are able to do this work thanks to the on-going support of our many friends.

Dana: In the Pali language of the early Buddhist teachings, dana means "giving," or "gift.", and by extention "generosity,". Since the origins of Buddhism, giving has been a basic and tangible form of letting go that supports all other aspects of the Path. As a price cannot be attached to the Dhamma teachings, they are offered freely as "Dhamma-dana." The early teachers, who were mainly monks & nuns, received no payment for their instruction. In turn, the broader community saw to it that the basic needs of food, clothing, shelter, & medicine were provided for all monastics. Continuing this tradition today, Santikaro & Liberation Park are supported by voluntary contributions from retreat participants and others who appreciate our work and wish to see this Dhamma Refuge thrive here in the beautiful Driftless. We do not charge for our services.

What to Bring:  Your lunch, beverages, meditation cushions (chairs will be available), and clothing appropriate for both indoor & outdoor walking meditations.

What to Wear:  Non-constrictive clothing which would be comfortable for both sitting & walking. Please avoid fabrics that make noise when you move.

When to Arrive:  The door to the room will be open at about 8:45 a.m.  Please be settled so that we can start on time.

Where to Park:  There is parking on the street on weekends.  There is a parking lot on the corner of Market and South 9th St. There is a sign that says, “Permit Required,” but we've been told that it's okay to park there on weekends.

Please do not wear any perfumes or other heavily scented products.

Please leave cell phones in cars. Bells will take the place of watches.

No La Crosse Days of Mindfulness currently scheduled for rest of 2016.