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Audio from New Years 2005

Due to a lymphoma and the consequences of treatment, Santikaro is unable, with a couple exceptions, to lead retreats in 2011. Previously scheduled retreats have found replacement teachers.

Our retreats introduce and explore Anapanasati (mindfulness with breathing) as originally taught in the Buddha's discourses. This is a path of serene insight (integrated vipassana & samatha) as originally taught by the Buddha, that is, guided by the four ennobling truths. We examine the original sources, where Anapanasati is offered as the most thorough way to practice the four foundations of mindfulness, cultivate samadhi (mental stability & integration), and foster vipassana (insight) in order to navigate the noble eightfold path of liberation from suffering.

We will explore how to practice Anapanasati on the cushion and while walking, as well as applying it in ordinary life. This will be supported by daily instruction, Q&R sessions, and personal interviews. Further, daily talks reflect on the central Dhamma teachings of Original Buddhism that nurture the right view needed to practice wisely. On longer retreats, the daily routine includes Sutta recitation, posture aids using simple yoga postures, and qigong.

Personal retreats at Liberation Park

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February 4-13 at Koinonia Retreat Center, Annandale, MN (lead by anothe teacher)

Organized by Twin Cities Vipassana Cooperative

Other details forthcoming.

April 1-6 at Cloud Mountain, WA (lead by anothe teacher)

Mindfulness with Breathing & related teachings