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Canvas Cabins

for living a simple, retreat life

The two canvas cabins are 10' by 12' wall tents on wooden platforms in the middle section of the valley. They are 4' high on the sides and tall enough to stand in the peaked middle. They come with cots, rocking chairs, and small tables. The platforms keep them off the ground and deter bugs. Their porches extended in front for sitting and enjoying views. They are quite roomy and comfortable compared to backpack tents, though they lack the amenities of motel rooms and the more spa-like retreat centers.

Creekside is nearer the front of the property, is nestled in a cluster of trees, and overlooks the creek.

Hillside is closer to the back valley, is higher up with a more open view, and rests on the edge of prairie with woods behind.

Both can be comfortably inhabited April through early July and mid-August through October (though seasonal weather variations are increasingly unpredictable). They have survived thunderstorms, heavy snows, and strong winds. Hardy winter lovers may enjoy them during colder months.

They are meant to accommodate single retreatants.

We realize that these dwellings are rustic and not suitable for all, though they protect from wet & wind. Hermitages will be built as funding allows. The first hermitage has been in use since Fall 2015.

The guest-house now supports the physical needs of retreatants throughout the year. It has showers, kitchen, library, and laundry facilities.