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Santikaro leads two 4-day meditation retreats with ICMC each year (usually early May and Fall). Saturday afternoon meditation workshops occur 2 or 3 times each year. Please see the ICMC website for schedules and details.

Study with Insight Chicago in 2012

Early Teachings Study Group: Dukkha, Origin, Quenching & Path

This course explored some of the most vital teachings of early Buddhism (as compiled in the Pali suttas). We followed the framework of the fourfold ennobling truth (ariyasacca), emphasizing key aspects of each. (Go here for study materials about the ariyasacca overall.)

Note: This page is left online for reference. You may find the list of readings helpful. Currently, we don't have a short-term study series on offer. There is, however, an on-going Sutta Study Group that has been meeting for 3 years. New members are incorporated from time to time.

May 12 - Dukkha (Suffering, Distress)

Sticky, Clingy Things & the Fires They Feed

Which stuff does our craving & clinging latch onto? How does that engender the fires of selfishness that burn us? What things do we suffer over? To what extent is this suffering necessary? Please observe your life in these terms and reflect on these questions as they apply to you.

Suggested Readings

Adittapariyaya Sutta, SN 35:28: The Discourse on Blazes. Connected Discourses, p. 1143.

Ariyapariyesana Sutta, MN 26: The Noble Search, 5 paragraphs starting with "Monks, there are these two searches: ignoble search & noble search. Middle Length Discourses, p. 49-50.

Sammaditthi Sutta, MN 9: Right View, sections on 'Aging & Death' and 'Birth.' Middle Length Discourses, p. 254-5.

Cula-viyuha Sutta, Sutta-Nipata IV.12: Quarrels & Disputes (Thanissaro)

Mind Like Fire Unbound, Thanissaro Bhikkhu (Ch I & Ch II)

Thundering Silence, Thich Naht Hanh (Parallax Press)

June 9 - Samudaya (Origin)

Genesis of Clinging, Becoming, Egoism, & World

Suggested Readings

Culavedalla Sutta, MN 44: The Shorter Set of Questions-and-Answers (up thru section on noble eightfold path)
also Middle Length Discourses, pp. 396-98 (sections 1-8).

Mahapunnama Sutta, MN 109: The Great Full-moon Night Discourse (entire sutta)
also Middle Length Discourses, pp. 887-91 (all).

Kalaha-vivada Sutta, Sutta-Nipata IV.11: Quarrels & Disputes (Thanissaro | Ireland)
The Sutta-Nipata
is also in print, translated by H Saddhatissa and by KR Norman.

Alagaddupama Sutta, MN 22: The Snake Simile (sections 15-29)
also Middle Length Discourses, pp. 229-33 (sections 15-29).

Mind Like Fire Unbound, Thanissaro Bhikkhu (Ch II & Ch III)

July 14 - Nirodha (Quenching)

Coolness: Neither Blazing, Nor Smoldering, Yet Alive

The Buddha's purpose is the end of suffering. How did he describe this end? With it, what is quenched and cooled? Does it have anything to do with death? How does this guide our practice? How can we connect with this reality in the midst of our quotidinal lives?

Suggested Readings

Nibbana for Everyone, Buddhadasa Bhikkhu

Sutava Sutta, AN 9.7: Impossibilities for Arahant

Nibbana Suttas, Ud 8.1 thru 4: Parinibbana /Total Unbinding

Four suttas in which the Buddha describes the nature of Nibbana can be found, with a choice of translations, at this link. Please read two of the first four in the vagga (chapter).

Jhana Sutta, AN 9.36: Mental Absorption & End of Effluents

Opening Overview Talk from Last Session on "Origin of Dukkha" (mp3)

August 11 - Magga (Path)

Living the Life that Doesn't Bite Its Owner

Having considered dukkha, what it feeds on & what feeds it, and the quenching of dukkha, we now conclude with the middle way of practice, in life and in meditation, that leads to freedom from dukkha. Which virtues & practices enable us to let go of the clingy stuff and dedicate ourselves to a life of coolness? With understanding of the life that bites its owner, how do we live a life that bites less & less, or that doesn't bite at all?

Vijja-bhagiya Sutta, AN 2.30: A Share in Clear Knowing

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