Mindfulness of Sense Media & Contact

Exploratory Guide Questions

Following the meditation, these questions can be used for facilitating a conversation. They can also be used for follow up conversations after folks have experimented with/ the guided meditation exercises on their own. Please respond in specific & concrete terms.

  1. What stands out in your experience of these exercises? How did they impact you?
  2. Did you observe any naming & labeling? Did any of these involve implicit evaluation (good/bad, right/wrong, attractive/repellent, like/dislike)? Please describe.
  3. Did you observe any opinions, stances, attitudes regarding any of the experiences? How did that relate to or grow out of naming, labelling, & evaluating? How did you feel in those stances, etc? Please describe.
  4. Ignorant contact (avijja-sampjhassa) is at the heart of dependent co-arising. What about the experience lacked understanding & wisdom? This is tricky & subtle. It can be both an absence of understanding and more overt misunderstanding.

It's hoped that each participant can share some observations from the above. It isn't necessary that any one person provide a complete descriptions. As various specific & concrete descriptions are shared, a larger picture will emerge. This can then be reflected upon using the dependent co-arising teachings.