Anatta: all things are not-self (October)

For the month of October, we will focus on one of the teachings that make Buddha's approach to truth unique -- anatta (not-self).

For a start: Anattalakkhana Sutta

SN XXII.59; Connected Discourses, vol 1, p 901; [Thanissaro Bhikkhu, trans | Ñanamoli Thera, trans]

The Discourse on the Not-self Characteristic {S iii 66; CDB i 901} In his second discourse, the recently awakened Buddha discusses the principle of anatta (not-self) with the group of five ascetics. By means of a question-and-answer dialogue with his audience, the Buddha demonstrates that there can be no abiding self in any of the five aggregates that we tend to identify as "self."

Suttas with links below can be found on Access to Insight. All are found in The Middle Length Discourses of the Buddha, tr. Bhikkhu Nyanamoli & Bhikkhu Bodhi (Wisdom Publications). We highly recommend this text for all serious students of Buddhism.

Oct 8 - Anatta of the Aggregates (Selflessness of the Khandha)

Alagaddupama Sutta (MN 22) & Santikaro's commentary (audio 5.3 mb)

Mahapunnama Sutta (MN 109) & Santikaro's commentary (audio 3.2 mb)

Sallekha Sutta (MN 8)

Oct 15 - Anatta & the Elements (dhatu)Mahahatthipadopama Sutta (MN 28) & Santikaro's commentary (audio 5.3 mb)

Dhatuvibhanga Sutta (MN 140) & Santikaro's commentary (audio 2.99 mb)

Oct 22 - Anatta & Loose Ends ... the Senses

Channovada Sutta (MN 144)

Nandakovada Sutta (MN 146)

Chachakka Sutta (MN 148)

Oct 29 --- Anatta & Dependent Co-Origination

This week, we must turn to the "Book of Causation," Book II of The Connected Discourses (Samyutta-Nikaya). Bhikkhu Bodhi's translation (Wisdom Publications) is excellent.

Santikaro's commentary (audio 5.1 mb)

Kaccanagotta Sutta, Samyutta Nikaya XII.15; p.544 in Bhikkhu Bodhi's translation.

Moliyapagguna Sutta, Samyutta Nikaya XII.12; p. 541 in Bhikkhu Bodhi's translation. (Not available at Access to Insight.)

Aññatra Sutta, Samyutta Nikaya XII.46; p. 583 in Bhikkhu Bodhi's translation.

Passage #7 in this Handout (pdf): "Dhamma Flows Into Dhamma Without Anyone Who Intends." Also passages #9 , #10 (Aññatra Sutta); and #13.

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