Studies with Ajahn Buddhadasa

In the Footsteps of the Arahant

At the beginning of Suan Mokkh, Ajahn Buddhadasa sought a clear map of Dhamma practice. Using the "graduated training" outlined in three important Suttas as a framework, he compiled his first major work to describe the practices we may follow "in the footsteps of the Arahant" leading to final liberation, Nibbana. For a table outlining these footsteps, click here (pdf).

Maha-Assapura Sutta

Majjhima-nikaya 39 ( MDB 362; M.i.271)

Chabbisodhana Sutta

Majjhima-nikaya 112 ( MDB 903;. M.iii.29)

Samannaphala Sutta

Digha-nikaya 2 (LDB 91; D.i.47)

Heartwood of the Bodhi Tree, Buddhadasa Bhikkhu (Wisdom)

Copies available at Liberation Park, online, and through bookstores.

May 19: Part I: The Heart of Buddhism (pp. 3-22)

Culasuññata Sutta: Shorter Discourse on Voidness (MN 121; MDB 965)

May 26: Part II: All About Voidness (pp. 25-76)

Mahasuññata Sutta: Greater Discourse on Voidness (MN 122; MDB 971)

June 2: Part III: Practicing With Voidness (pp. 79-115)

Mahasuññata Sutta: Greater Discourse on Voidness (MN 122; MDB 971)

The Buddha's Doctrine of Anatta:

A Comparative Study of Self & Not Self in Buddhism, Hinduism & Western Philosophy, Buddhadasa Bhikkhu (Dhammadana Foundation)

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August 4: Beginning principles, the Buddha's view of not-self, other's views: pp. 1-34

August 11: Vedanta & the Self the Buddha rejects: pp. 34-63