Buddhadasa Never Dies

Ajahn Buddhadasa in pastel profileBuddhadasa shall live, there's no dying.

Even when the body dies, listening to no one,

Whether it is or goes doesn't matter at all,

that's only something passing through time.

Buddhadasa carries on, there's no dying.

Through ups and downs always one with the teaching.

As befits one who's offered body and mind

in ceaseless service under Lord Buddha's command.

Buddhadasa lives on, there's no dying.

In service to all humanity without resting

through the Dhamma proclamations left behind --

O Friends, can't you see that nothing dies?

Even when I die and the body ceases forever

my voice still echoes in comrades' ears

clear and bright, as joyfully loud as ever.

Just as if I never died the Dhamma-body lives on.

Carry on with me as if I never died,

as though I am with you all as before.

Speak up whatever Dhamma is on your minds

as if I sit among you helping point out the facts.

Treat me as if I never died,

then many streams of benefit will accrue.

Don't forget the days set aside for Dhamma discussion,

Realize the End and stop dying!

Buddhadasa Bhikkhu 1987

Note: "Buddhadasa" in this poem doesn't primarily refer to Ajahn Buddhadasa or any one person.