Why Not “The Hell With It”

Why not get tough enough to toss off those sources

hiding suffering inside with ‘the hell with it’?

Don’t waver, dawdle, and go soft taking it on, so ‘mego’

will stubbornly return and choke the life out of you.

All the trivial things floating this way and that:

don’t go inflating, puffing as if they’re all big deals.

Get over it all, the petty stuff is far too numerous,

just throw ‘em away quick with ‘the hell with it.’

When ‘mego’ drops or fades however little

one calms and cools down at least that much.

We save ourselves by knowing to ‘the hell with it’

until everyone is a master in its daily application.

Don't 'The Hell With Him'

Don’t recklessly spew ‘the hell with him’

when it’s about another human comrade.

Instead, aid and support him, practicing full-scale

accepting ones friend in birth, aging, illness, and death.

Helping friends is the same as helping ourselves:

the mind intent on benefiting a friend

naturally weakens selfishness in many ways, so

whatever the case, don’t lash out ‘the hell with him.’

However much selfishness diminishes, please

see how one thereby gets closer to Nibbana.

Save oneself by not wasting it on ‘the hell with him’

— please ponder this matter each one of you.

Buddhadasa Never Dies

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